Tax Law

Practice Areas: Tax Law

Tax Law refers to the laws, policies and legislation which oversee the entire taxation system. This involves the charges placed by the government on transactions, revenue, properties and so on. The tax process also touches imports from foreign countries and includes all of the mandatory levies imposed by the legal bodies of the government. Our attorneys specialized in tax law are ready to represent you in every stage of the tax dispute process, from the first audit to the IRS administrative appeals and up to the final review performed by the Court of Appeals. Our assistance is designed to help anyone who deals with the complicated issues of tax law.

Subranni Zauber LLC has gathered more than 45 years of experience in the legal field, building a fierce reputation when it comes to solving the tax law concerns of its clients, as well as any other legal matters. Every client is treated with the upmost consideration and assigned highly qualified attorneys to maximize their desired outcome. To contact the experts working here, use the following phone number: (800) 391-5706.

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