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Practice Areas: Real Estate Law

We, at Subranni Zauber, offer a wide range of services related to the real estate law, everything from transactions to zoning issues or short and bulk sales.

Because all the specialists working at Subranni Zauber have been involved in real estate law for quite some time now, they are prepared to offer interested clients adequate pieces of advice on both selling and buying properties, as well as any other real estate acquisitions for that matter. Each and every client that will collaborate with our specialists will be awarded with knowledge regarding personal and commercial property, commercial leasing, land use and zoning. You have to treat all transactions with great care and attention. The real estate market is full of surprises, some of which can be rather costly. The assistance provided by our dedicated attorneys will prevent unpleasant situations from happening.

Zoning Issues
Although zoning laws are meant to divide and separate land uses, considered to be incompatible, in reality, these zoning regulations have the purpose to maintain the shape of a community, by preventing new businesses from invading in the activity of already existing firms or residents. However, these laws and regulations are unfortunately outdated and misused by authorities. For this reason, in all zoning issues, it is best to collaborate with a team of legal experts, who is capable of a proper interpretation.

Short Sales
Because the situation of not being able to keep up with mortgage payments is rather common nowadays, it is best to know that there are other alternatives to the gloomy perspective of bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings. A short sale is one of those options and it takes place if the lender accepts to pay less than what the borrower owes. It is relevant to mention that this solution can keep you away from eviction and it can also clear you mortgage debt, which is quite the success on the real estate market. Of course, not all lenders will accept this solution, so you might require the assistance of a dedicated team of lawyers to properly analyze the adequate fix to your situation.

Bulk Sales
According to the law, a bulk sale is the actual sale of several goods, performed by a business, to a single buyer. If you should take this option into consideration, make sure that you will keep safe from claims from creditors.

Due to its impressive experience on the dedicated market, Subranni Zauber enjoys a positive reputation, being recognized for its passion and hard work. We take great pride in our work, always looking to resolve the problems clients might have. Offering each client with the attention needed, Subranni Zauber will provide you with innovative solutions. For further details regarding the work conducted by this company, please contact the staff at (800) 391-5706.

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