Labor and Employment Law

Practice Areas: Labor & Employment Law

If a business respects the legal rights of its employees, many future conflicts can be avoided. The best way to do this is by fully understanding the current legislation and employment laws so that you can ensure the business runs smoothly and the staff members feel protected. The Employment Law attorneys at Subranni Zauber LLC are always working closely with those in need of assistance, whether they are individual victims of workplace discrimination or companies wishing to draft employee contracts.

Guidance for Small Businesses Regarding Employment Practices
The business oriented attorneys at Subranni Zauber recognize the need for proper employment practices in the development of a company. As a result, our law firm is experienced in representing any company in need of legal guidance when it comes to hiring or firing of employees. We offer extensive reviewing of the labor contracts and recommend the most suitable course of action according to federal and state laws.

New Jersey Employment Litigation
Subranni Zauber LLC is proficient in offering aggressive court representation for employees and employers alike. We place our client’s objectives first and provide assistance while searching for the most advisable solution. We protect both company rights and are open to discus with anyone claiming he or she can prove just cause in a wrongful termination lawsuit. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Subranni Zauber has managed to become a market leader, a creator of innovative solutions and an answer to many business related problems. All clients are treated with individual attention and offered the most proficient and experienced attorneys. Should you have any concerns related to labor or employment law, feel free to contact us at (800) 391-5706.

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