About Subranni Zauber

Subranni Zauber LLC was established in 1972 by Thomas Subranni, with the mission of helping individual and commercial clients solve legal problems. As time passed, our law firm consolidated its reputation, forming a team of professional attorneys with years of experience in the field. We currently have offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The Subranni Zauber Attorneys 
We take pride in working with skilled attorneys who together have more than 150 years of successful legal experiences. They specialize in many branches of law, which allows us to provide complete legal services as well as professional consultancy to individuals and companies. You can read all about our attorneys’ experience here.

Areas of Practice
Our goal is to provide a wide range of legal services and help clients in areas such as bankruptcy, real estate, litigations, drafting of wills, New Jersey trusts and more. We address every requirement with the utmost professionalism and we invite you to learn more about all our areas of practice.

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